Welcome Munich gamers from all around the world!

We organise board game events for everyone – locals, refugees & internationals. Our motto: Bringing people to the table through board games! All #GamersWelcome

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(only for special events and if regular events change)

We meet twice a month

Giesing Game Night

every 1st Tuesday of the month at Pfarrheim Heilig Kreuz
Gietlstraße 19
U2 Silberhornstraße
from 7 pm

Bellevue Game Night

every 3rd Wednesday of the month
at Bellevue di Monaco
Müllerstraße 2-6, rear building
from 6 pm

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Our Story

In 2016 Dafni and Benjamin thought about how they could do their part in the refugee crisis at the time. Out of it emerged the idea to use board games for a different – playful – way to welcome new arrivals in Munich. And so GamersWelcome was born.  Since then we follow a single mission: We want to bring people to the table through board games – no matter whether they are locals, refugees or internationals. In 2020 Benjamin moved to the USA to devote himself to his research, since then his friend Xaver has been organizing the game nights in Giesing and Daphne has been doing the Bellevue Gamenight. All #GamersWelcome



Founder, ‘ursus explicator’ & sociologist

“Board games are a borderless universe, where everyone can find their home.”


Founder, social butterfly & architect
“A board game is like a social hub which connects people that would have otherwise not met.”

Our many helpers ...

fill with life what has begun as a mere idea. Without them this project would not be possible.


Can’t find an answer? Don’t hesitate to reach out!

We are a non-profit initiative, which organises inclusive board game events since 2016. We bring locals and refugees, old and young people, newbies and board game aficionados to one table.

No. Our events are for everyone and completely free of charge.

No, you don’t have to. We have a over 50 board games at each location, which you can play for free. Of course you may bring your own games

That’s no problem at all! There are always people, who already know a game and can explain the rules. With most of our games, we can help, too.

The simplest way to support us is to tell your family and friends. Or even better, bring them to our next event! There you have the opportunity to leave a small donation, if you like.